long-lived, checked, effective, based on microchannel technology
Avto-Agro is official dealer of Kompozit Group Holding factory - famous manufacturer of all-welded aluminum heat exchangers manufactured using Nokolok Flux technology.
Air-cooled condensers based on microchannel aluminum heat exchangers of the KVC VH and KMC VS series are designed specifically for solving the problems of commercial refrigeration.
Condensers are made in horizontal, vertical or V-shaped design.
  • Higher heat transfer coefficient
  • Suitable for all common refrigerants
  • Reliable and tested axial fans EBM-PAPST
  • Reduces the total power consumption due to lower aerodynamic resistance
  • Reduced weight of equipment
  • Small volume of fueling
  • Fast and accurate thermodynamic calculation
  • Replacement and repair of the heat exchanger without dismantling the condenser
  • The KMC VS series is equipped with a fan speed control
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